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Our approach

Coaching is a partnership between you (the client) and a coach. Coaching is a chance to talk about what you want to achieve, and plan how you can get there to maximise your personal and professional potential.

"Coaching helped me get my life on track."

- Former client

Our coaching model

Every woman’s personal experiences and circumstances are different. What you want and need from coaching will be too.


Our coaching model is designed to suit your unique needs and leverage the experience and skills of the coach.

We focus on your strengths, and the future, and use a flexible approach to every coaching relationship. We operate without judgement and maintain confidentiality at all times.

Coaching can help you

  • Recognise your strengths and talents

  • Build your confidence

  • Decide on your priorities

  • Find options that are right for you

  • Set your goals

  • Identify what support or new skills you need to achieve your goals

Who we work with

We work with women, including trans women and non-binary people, of all ages, abilities, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. 

Does coaching sound right for you?

To start coaching with us, we need a referral from your domestic and family violence or women’s health service provider. View a list of our referring partners.

Our focus

We are about helping you take your next steps towards a better future.  We don’t make decisions for you. We don’t offer therapy or counselling. We don’t provide crisis support services. If that’s what you need right now, these other services may be able to help.

What we do provide is free, high quality coaching support and guidance so you can make plans and rebuild your life after domestic and family violence. This might relate to work, study or simply managing the challenges of moving on after living with domestic or family violence.

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