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 Support in   taking your   next step 

Free, confidential coaching for women in the ACT who have moved on from a violent relationship

What is coaching?

‘You’ time.

A chance to talk and work through your thoughts, your dreams and your plans with someone you can trust. 

A partnership. A thought-provoking process. A way to help you move forward and maximise your personal and professional potential.

Coaching session

The coaching helped me get my life on track

After I lived in a women’s shelter for several months due to the family violence that my children and I experienced, we were assigned a government house. When I moved to the house, I realised that I was in charge of my life again, that after all the support from the women’s refugee, now was the time to start building my life again and be a good example for my children. However, I did not know where or how to start.

Mother with baby

“Throughout the process, my coach has been patient, empathetic, respectful, witty and always willing to listen to me, guide me and find me better opportunities.”

 - Former client

Our approach

We understand that every woman’s personal experiences and circumstances are different. What you want and need from coaching will be too.

Our supporters

Our work is made possible through the generosity of these supporters.

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